Thursday, March 29, 2007

They Must Be Joking

I blogged last year about the last season of Australia's Next Top Model, both my general opinions as well as some choice comments on a few of the individual girls.

The third season of the show has just kicked off, and holy shit is it a tragedy. I'm sure I will go into more detail at some point in the future (to your utter dismay, I'm sure), however I will say that I am thrilled that, if nothing else, they got rid of the most uncomfortably ugly girl in the first episode.

Apart from the fact that her name is 'Cobi', which made me want to punch her without having seen her, I got extremely upset when it seemed that they were trying to transform what looked like a living, breathing, life-size Trollz doll from the 90's into a fashion model.

Either that or she looks like what I imagine Mary-Kate would look like if she ate Ashley. No wonder those bitches are anorexic.


emlalalalaaa said...

LOL, she does look like a bloated Olsen twin!!

Ahhh, I'm so glad that they exported this concept around the world. Tyra, you are my hero.

amy said...

I think Steph H is the only cute girl on the show. The rest just look weird! Not that the girls on Americas next top model are all the pretty either sometimes :-)

Zander said...

Yeah Steph H is hot, although you dress up any of those girls with enough makeup and clothes and they would supposedly look like a model. I hope they ALL get eliminated. That would be awesome.

amy said...

LOL yeah I dont think it would be much of a show if they all got eliminated! I do think the pics look good only because of all the freakin touch ups tho. I bet my pics would like good too if I had a pro do my hair and makeup :-)