Friday, March 30, 2007


I am so hungover right now, but will try to give you a few snippets:
  • Went to the surgeon yesterday for my follow-up appointment, and am now back on antibiotics to hopefully help my wounds heal in the next few days. Which is fantastic because strangely enough, bleeding all day at my desk for weeks on end wasn't on my list of Things To Do Before I Die. As usual, the first thing I asked him was "I can drink on those, right?" He gave me the green light.
  • Never one to waste a green light, I promptly went out and got smashed last night. I'd actually run some errands after work and made it home, only to agree to "a couple of beers" in the city. Next thing you know I'm at my 5th bar of the night somewhere in the Cross, it's past midnight, and I'm hanging out with people I had just met earlier in the evening. My shining moment was just after I'd been introduced to a whole new group of people and then backed up and fell over a chair. Pure class.
  • I'm at work now, and I'm kicking myself just a little because I'm way too busy right now to be this hungover. Lesson learned.
  • Tonight I'm supposed to go to the races with my coworkers as our quarterly event. I give myself a couple of hours before I bow out and head home. Not least because I am moving tomorrow at noon and haven't started packing yet. Will my brilliance never end?

Anyway between work being insane and having to move tomorrow, this is all I can manage for blogging right now. Wish me luck moving tomorrow, my friends are helping me move and are even driving the truck, and I'm having horrible visions of half of my extremely fancy bedroom furniture (from Ikea) falling out of the moving truck and ending up scattered throughout the city.

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emla said...

Good luck! The thought of your friends (I've met ya, don't get cranky) driving is slightly terrifying, definitely.

Don't forget to take pics when you're settled (just to rub it in how much I'm getting screwed in this damn city)!!