Thursday, March 15, 2007

On The Mend

Fear not, readers and friends alike, I'm not dead. Just recovering, and now is about the first time I really had the stamina to actually attempt to get online.

My first operation was an interesting experience I guess. The best part was probably the sedatives and morphine I was given directly before and after the operation. Some friends visited just after I'd been wheeled back into my room, and were highly amused by my loopy condition, including the following moments:
  • When asked by a nurse if I wanted tea or coffee, responding with "I'm thank you, fine."
  • Remarking how odd it was that the massive needle sticking out of my forearm wasn't connected to anything, when it was clearly attached to a massive machine with lights and a bag of...stuff.
  • Generally not having a clue what was going on and mostly just watching my friends have conversations around me.

So now the thing is to focus on recovering as fast as possible. While I won't be as ambitious as Lindsay Lohan and be out partying a day after an operation, I have made lunch and dinner plans for Friday which is meant to be my post-surgical debut.

In the meantime I've been hobbling around my apartment for almost 48 hours now and I am going insane. Not helping is that I keep coming across shows like America's Funniest Home Videos and watching until I get a painful reminder that laughing is just about the last thing I want to be doing right now. I won't even try to describe how it felt when I came across Cartman singing the classic "Kyle's Mom Is A Stupid Bitch". Ouch.

Mostly I've been eating, sleeping, and have watched about half of the first season of Heroes so far and am in love with it. Tonight I'm scheduled to go and see at least one apartment as I've been rather lazy in regards to my search for a new home, and may as well use all this free time a little more wisely.

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