Tuesday, March 06, 2007

F for Effort

Okay sorry about this but it's Tuesday evening and I still don't have time for a real blog post. So, the weekend.

Friday, drinks with coworkers and the realisation that I'd somehow gone a whole 6 months working here without sharing all of my racist and dead baby jokes. That's all taken care of. Left before I could remember ALL of them, thank god.

Saturday was Sydney Mardi Gras, which went much like last year although instead of actually losing my friends like last time, I went off with some cool people I had just met and ended up at some random rooftop party in Darlinghurst where I decided that if I was having trouble standing up, I should probably head home, and did so very quickly without saying goodbye. (Also turned out that the strangers I had started talking to were good friends of a coworker and that I'd even left a drunken voicemail on one of their mobile phones the week before...small world).

Sunday was recovery on the beach and a quiet night.

Wow that sounds so much less interesting when I put absolutely no energy into it. Sorry about that, will try for something better later in the week, or at least some pics from the parade.

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