Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Have You Met Me??

As I'm sure I've stated here before, my friends and I have an email chain going every day where we just ramble on about anything and everything, in-between doing actual work. It's a nice little break in the day to remind ourselves that work is not our lives. Occasionally we get a little carried away (there was one day in January where we hit around 400 emails in total, probably wasn't the most productive for any of us) but for the most part it's just a harmless distraction when needed.

The topic du jour is centered around potential weekend getaways. Someone was foolish enough to suggest that we all go camping. Eww.

Honestly, I will never ever understand what inspires anyone to completely leave civilization behind for several days to go spend time in a small tent with smelly people and eating crappy food. My personal major dislikes are being dirty, tired, and being forced to eat crappy food, which means that camping goes against everything I believe in. Or, as I said via email today, "If I wanted to see what it was like to be poor, I would have been born that way."

By the end of the discussion, it seemed to be agreed that we could go to the middle of nowhere, but it would involve renting a lovely house and bring lots of good food and tons of booze. That's what I call a compromise.


Drew said...

I've always been of the opinion that "camping" means staying in any hotel lower than, say, a Courtyard by Marriott.

I think that's a reasonable baseline.

Vicki said...

If I wanted to sleep on something cold and uncomfortable, I would just get drunk and pass out on my bathroom floor. No tents with big spiders needed.