Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why I Am Leaving Australia Immediately

Okay so maybe that's a slightly dramatic title for my post, but I had an awful and traumatic experience this morning and I am almost considering it.

Just this weekend I was saying to friends how I'd been here a whole 18 months and hadn't seen a massive Australian spider. How lucky am I???

Uh yeah, until this morning when I walked into my lounge room and THIS was staring at me:

People, that is not cool. I was tempted to wake up my flatmate to deal with it, but remembered she is the type who opens the windows and doors and ushers such creatures out like some f*cking honored guest. Which completely clashes with my policy of obliterating anything related to the insect family before it can reproduce and its spawn can take over the world.

So after about half an hour of girlish shrieking and prancing, three-quarters of a can of insect spray, two thrown sneakers and possibly breaking the only broom we have in the apartment, I had killed the great beast and then woke up my flatmate to take care of the corpse.

Needless to say I am very shaken by this whole series of events, and may have to take stress leave from work for a couple of days to recover.

1 comment:

emla said...

Ohmigod,ohmigod. That was really, really cruel. Now I can't read this blog for at least 3 weeks so that picture will be out of viewing territory.

I would absolutely leave the country if that thing was in my house.