Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Favorite Game: Drunken Pictionary

So, Sunday. To be honest it might be one of those things where "you had to be there", but all I know is that I'm so glad I was. I really don't remember ever laughing so hard in my life, mostly at the stupidity of others, which is always a treat.

Sorry to bombard you with another list of crap, but it's really the only way to break this down:

  • The best decision was deciding to start the BBQ at 1pm on a Sunday, since "BBQ" is the Australian excuse to get absolutely plastered during the day.
  • About 3 hours in, someone decided it was time to play Taboo. The best was probably the person who couldn't find the words and started miming things out as if it was a game of charades, including headbutting his partner who was already extremely unimpressed with his team's performance.
  • And then...there was Pictionary. Most people already suck at this game, but imagine how they do after two bottles of wine or 12 beers in them. Apart from the appalling drawings, our favorite guess at an answer was "Dog in a maze!", said with so much certainty that you almost believed it would EVER be what someone would tell you to draw in Pictionary. (Having said that, the "artist" in this case had done a pretty piss poor job of drawing a racecourse.)
  • My favorite drawing was easily when KitKat was expected to draw "Florida". While I was praying to get something that easy, she had trouble, and started by drawing Australia, and then some large squiggly thing to it's right that was supposed to be North America (I think. Still not clear on her logic). Either way, it was made so much more entertaining by her persistent attempts to defend what the hell she had done. See here my recreation that we were emailing around on Monday while mocking her:

  • Meanwhile, the guest who decided it was appropriate to drink a small bottle of vodka without mixers all afternoon eventually knocked over a beer bottle. It wouldn't have been so bad if, after spending 10 minutes cleaning up his mess, he hadn't dropped an entire new bottle of beer on the ground. I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or punch him, but I guess it's all rather amusing in hindsight.

I'm pretty sure I have abs from laughing so much. Who needs a gym membership when you're friends with idiots.

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