Monday, February 26, 2007

I Love My Colleagues

I spent all of Friday and Saturday night parting with my coworkers, which is always an interesting experience. Made even better by the fact that we all got so drunk and trashy. As usual, here's the highlight reel:
  • Starting to drink in the office at 4pm, and then heading to more free booze at firm-wide drinks. Mostly inoffensive, although about 5 girls in our office got caught checking out "a hot guy" rather blatantly. At least no one dived into the fountain this time.

  • Unable to catch a taxi, about 12 of us took a drunken bus ride to the Green Park to carry on once the free liquor had dried up. At least 2 people moved from the back of the bus to get away from us. Good times.

  • One of the messier members of the gang trying to do some kind of a trick with his beer glass and spilling beer EVERYWHERE before finally just dropping the glass on the ground.

  • The birthday girl crying in the bathroom for no particular reason.

  • Getting into a trendy club without being on the list (the bullshit artist in the group claiming we were there for "The Depeche Mode party", WTF does that even mean?) and getting kicked out about 10 minutes later because two people were wearing sombreros and 3 others fell backwards into a drum set. Ridiculous.

  • Heading to a trashy place in the Cross to continue dancing like assholes. I also want to commend two people who did the "Hard Ass Tequila Shot", where you snort the salt, do the tequila shot, and squirt the lemon in your eye. Who the hell thought that one up??

And that rounded up Friday night, you can see all the pictures here. We've been advised that the reason all of the pictures at the end are red and blurry is because none of us noticed that the flash had been turned backwards and was flashing at the wall. Smooth. Saturday night was fun and we all got together again for another coworkers birthday, but fortunately none of us were kicked out of any of the establishments we ended up at.

Sunday was hilarity in itself, but I will blog separately about that because there's just that much material. And I'm falling asleep at the computer right now.

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holy shit can i come work with you??