Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Only Tuesday

I have a feeling this will be one of the slowest weeks ever (I'm pretty sure it should be Thursday by now, how is it only Tuesday??) so why not pass a little time by blogging.

The past weekend ended up being a ton of fun. Partially because there were plenty of stupid little drunken stories, and also because I reaffirmed the fact that being responsible is not the way to cure jetlag. Drinking like an asshole apparently is. So I'm mostly back to normal now and will remember to schedule drunken benders immediately following any trip that required me to pass through more than 4 times zones.

Saturday was Sesame's ferry pub crawl to celebrate her birthday, which was fun of course but unfortunately fell a bit short of my expectations. Namely I was hoping someone would take an unplanned dip in the harbour at some point. Juice was the prime candidate, but he managed to wait until we arrived back in the city at the end of the night to lose any sense of coherence or coordination.

And Sunday's highlight was getting all excited about the Project Runway finale (for which we picked up wine and an extra bottle of champagne and started drinking) only to realize the bastards had split it up into two parts and it won't really finish until next week. Damn. Guess that means we have to drink ANOTHER bottle of champagne next Sunday. Talk about a rough life.

This week my goal is to finish the photo album from NY. The main hold up at this point has been that I have way too many pictures and can't delete enough that don't need to go in the finished album. All the remaining ones (close to 200) are either relevant to the storyline or make me look really hot. Clearly I can't get rid of the latter, so expect some holes in the plot this time kids.


Ben said...

Drinking is the age-old secret to escaping jetlag. When I went to Japan, I drank on the flight the whole way over. By the time I got there, it was about 10PM there, and I was ready to pass out. I got up about 9 the next day, fresh as a daisy...well, a daisy in desperate need of a shower.

I was on their time in about a day and a half, and did the same thing on the way home.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

n. jax said...

Juice and Sesame? Are those names for real? OK maybe Sesame, but Juice has got to be a nickname right?

Did I mention you should die slow for removing me from your blog list? Oh wait, you already are with all that drinking. ha! Sure it had been like months since I gave an update. So sue me! It's fine that you took me off. Just as long as you die slow. :)

Sesame said...

Um... yes my name is Sesame! Thank you very much!

Zander said...

Everyone calm down.

Yes, Sesame and Juice (and most names I use on here) are nicknames. Australia's not THAT weird.

And yeah you update your blog like once a financial quarter. I thought you'd abandoned it!!

n. jax said...

yeah. my blogging is falling apart. so is my monthly baby picture sending for that matter. and people actually care about that one. what can you do? such is life.

Sesame-wasn't trying to offend!