Friday, October 28, 2005

It's The Little Things

Since I've been here in Sydney, I've tried really hard not to be one of those people who compares everything to it's counterpart in New York. However, there are two things that are really getting to me at the moment:

1) I have made it a well-known fact that I will cheerfully toss a small child off the Harbour Bridge if someone can get me a slice of NY pizza. I have been all over the world, including Italy, and I will right now make the rather obvious claim that NY has the best pizza IN THE WORLD. Compounding the issue is that Australian pizza is fucking awful, and no one here seems to realize it other than my fellow New Yorkers. On two occasions already I've found myself uttering the phrase "Can we order it from Pizza Hut instead?" Yeah, it's that bad.

2) Do you have any idea what it's like knowing that millions of people across the Pacific are already watching the latest seasons of your favorite shows and you won't be able to see them until January? Yeah, it sucks. And I've already informed everyone worth telling that if anyone leaks any plot twists to me before I've seen the episodes myself, I will fly back to the good ol' US of A just so I can shove a large and unfortunately shaped object up their nether regions.

SO, you can imagine the exquisite joy I felt when I was laying around on Bondi Beach on Wednesday with Ellen (the girl from high school I ran into a few weeks back), and she casually informed me that the current season of America's Next Top Model was showing that night on cable. Oh happy day! Granted it was the episode where they kick off the fat chick -- oh I'm sorry, "plus-size model" -- and pretend they're doing it for some reason other than her size ("You just weren't bringin' the fierceness this week, chubs."), but I still thoroughly enjoyed every fierce moment and plan to watch the entire season from here on out. These are the things I hold on to, what can I say...


Vicki said...

Yes, NY definitely has the best pizza. St. Louis pizza sucks - it's basically a cracker with provel cheese on it. Sick. And France sure as shit doesn't know what they're doing with pizza. At least it was buy one get one free at Pizza Hut so I could be all "Oh no, Pizza Hut again? Honestly, can we eat something more French? Oh, we don't have any money? Well, OK, I *guess* we can have Pizza Hut again."

emla said...

ANTM is a slow build. You're really going to have to stick with it for the first few episodes, but it gets good. Tyra is an alien, I'm sure of it.

Speaking of reality imports... Have you seen Oz's own Outback Jack? It is HILARIOUS. It's a few years old but it's total trash. He CRIES and tells the girls he loves them as he kicks them off.

Truecraig said...

Nice, with the fierce, fierceness.