Friday, October 21, 2005

Reaching My Comfort Zone

Until about now, I've been really nice, trying to meet people and being relatively polite so I can make friends in a new city. Well apparently that phase of my relocation is done with.

Wednesday night was another Trivia Night at Trinity Bar, where I once again showed the world how right they are in thinking Americans are ignorant. The question? What is the capital of Maine. My answer? "I dunno, does Maine really have a capital? Only place I can think of is Bangor."

A Canadian girl was nice enough to overhear me and give us the correct answer, Augusta. Which of course I've never heard of. And how did I repay her kindness? With charming questions like "You know you guys are just America Junior, right?" and "So honestly, are you guys pissed that we still own Alaska?"

Wonder why she didn't ask me for my contact info before she left the bar...

I've already booked myself for a booze cruise birthday party tomorrow afternoon and a house party and a farewell party tomorrow night, so either I'll have some interesting tidbits for you by next week, or you'll see a story on CNN about a drunken American drowning in the harbour. I think we're all winners either way.


emla said...

I think Russia's more pissed about Alaska. Damn you, cold war!

PS: My word verification was "fugayn." Used in a sentence: "Girl be fugayn with that ugly ass outfit today."

Vicki said...

Whatever, I still don't know who's president of France (or is it prime minister?). I mean, cause I'm all it's Jacques Chirac, and then I'm all, wait no, it's Francois Mitterand, no Chirac, no Mitterand, oh fuck, give me a beer, who cares about the French anyway.

Dorothy said...

Sounds like a pretty fun evening, and week ahead. Me too gotta drunken Halloween Party to attend this weekend, which i am one of the hosts of. It will be interesting, although no chance of drowning, LOL!

Zander said...

Ugh don't remind me about Halloween! They barely have it down here, it's one of the things I'm gonna be the most upset about missing in NYC this year.