Thursday, October 27, 2005


Just realized I never recapped the weekend. Then again another 12 hour alcohol binge isn't really news anymore, so I'm sure you can understand.

Actually managed to have a REAL quiet night in on Friday night, I'll spare you the craziness of the Scrabble game that evening because I'm honestly not sure you can handle that kind of excitement.

Of course this was so we could all wake up at the ass crack of dawn the next day (10am is dawn, right?) and meet up at Darling Harbour to board the booze cruise, a 4 hour trip around Sydney Harbour while ingesting as much beer as possible. Cathy and I spent most of the time trying to look like sexy socialites, and failing miserably, as seen here:

Actually Cathy did pretty well, I just don't want to admit that when I try to look sexy it comes off more as "newly lobotomized hospital patient" than anything else.

I think Scott and John were placing bets on me being the drunk on the boat, but any potential they might have seen in me was quickly eclipsed by this guy:

No idea how this guy ended up on a boat with a bunch of young, attractive people. Apart from missing most of his teeth, our friend here repeatedly fell over, dribbled beer down the front of his face and shirt, introduced himself to everyone in his immediate vicinity about eight times, and randomly busted out a few breakdancing moves whenever he wasn't getting enough attention. Keep in mind it was about 2pm, so I'm assuming he just never sobered up from the previous night.

Even better was when the crew told him to calm down, and he would start doing the electric slide or some shit, leading them to finally tell him "That's it, you're off!" Which left everyone else wondering what the hell that meant considering we were in the middle of the harbour. Didn't see him again, so we can only assume that he was actually tossed overboard and left to fend for himself.

As for the rest of Saturday, I went home and managed a 20 minute nap, and woke up an hour before my ride was coming to get me. Using my drunk logic, I determined that it was important to start slamming cranberry and vodkas otherwise I might lose my wind and have to end the night early. Oh, god forbid. Needless to say, I had text messages from people on Sunday saying how great it was to see me the night before, and I have no recollection of seeing them in the past month.

Sorry for the crappy entry but my short-term memory is complete shit since I arrived in this country and decided that beer, sun and napping are perfectly good substitutes for water, food, and having a job. Fuck.


Dorothy said...

Hey if you don't have a job how are you paying for all this beer and the boat trip? I think you did a pretty good job at looking sexy, best pic i have seen of you yet!

Zander said...

Aww, does anyone else love Dorothy as much as I do? Don't ask me why, but I'm a huge fan.

As for my finances, I just saved up enough so I could take an extended break from life, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Still not sure if I want to do work of any kind or if I should just relax for a few more months and head back to NYC all rested and tan. Speaking of which, it's time to head to the beach!

Vicki said...

The day Dorothy says my pirate eye is actually sexy is the day I become her number one fan. Until then, I'll let you have that honor.

Honestly, though, you know that picture was sexy and you just said it wasn't so that we would say it was. So manipulative. Yet it worked again.

Zander said...

Don't get me wrong, I don't think I necessarily look BAD in the picture, but sexy definitely isn't what comes to mind at first glance. I look a little angry, if you ask me.

emla said...

At least your face doesn't look fat this time.