Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Small World

Not really anything to do with booze, but wanted to share a couple of really random run-ins:

1) Was meeting my cousin for drinks a few weeks ago when I saw this girl on the street that looked really familiar. We just kind of stared at each other for a few seconds before we realized we had graduated from the same university, and had even hung out several times over a summer we both spent on campus. And then her husband showed up, who was also a fellow graduate. Would have been more exciting except I don't remember either of them being much fun, so maybe they'll be the kind of people I meet for dinner and then head to the bars with someone else afterwards. Is that a terrible thing to say?

2) Last Friday I agreed to go to an agency to talk about potential employment (yuck!) and same thing, a girl in the waiting room was staring at me. Started talking and realized we both graduated the same year from the same high school, and she moved here about the same time I did. No idea if she's a good time or not, but we'll get "a drink" someday soon and I'll put her to the test.

A bit ridiculous that in less than two months I could run into two people I went to school with in the States, but I guess that's a good fall back plan in case my novelty wears off and the Australians remember they hate minorities.

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