Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why We Drink, Pt. II

Domini was part of another dance show on Saturday night, this one much better than the last one. Not because it was any less painful to sit through the "modern dance" performances between Domini's hip-hop numbers, but because this time I was smart enough to bring a drink along with me.

There were some particularly awful acts this time, I've listed a few here along with the amount of alcohol they pushed me to drink.
  • A girl in Indian garb doing an Indian dance to Dave Matthews. Oh, how clever. (6 sips of my drink)
  • Four or five girls dancing to what sounded like drops of water (8 sips of my drink)
  • A bunch of people dressed like aliens, running around with BALLOONS tied to their necks (11 sips of my drink)
  • A group of fools having what looked like epileptic fits on stage, including a chubby dude in a red speedo (Half the fucking bottle)

Honestly, who ever thinks this crap is a good idea? And how can we have them shot?

Speaking of shots, we did some of those later in the night, in addition to getting far too drunk and acting like big, big idiots. Domini, these shows might just be the death of me.


Truecraig said...

At least he had the good manners to remove his hat before threatening to pee in either your: drink, or mouth (most likely both). Friends show etiquette like that to one another.

It's like a lost OZ episode. Good times, good times!

Zander said...

Yeah, I thought that was really sweet of him as well.

Turns out that proper etiquette is to ALWAYS remove your hat before giving someone a golden shower, whether they see it coming or not.