Saturday, May 21, 2005

Happy Hour, Round 3

Coworker: Did you see the pics from my birthday?

Zander: Oh yeah, I meant to ask, who the hell is that fugly girl in some of those pictures? She had like this Elephant Woman thing going on, dayyum!

Coworker: That would be my friend.

Zander: Ah. Right. Makes sense.

Honestly though, that's the kind of idiot thing I would say to someone drunk or sober, so I'm not even sure it counts.

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Vicki said...

I hope this isn't too my-own-blog-like but I made a similar brilliant move when I first moved into my apartment. I was talking to my neighbor and was like "I have no idea what the girl before me was like but the place was a dump and I still get her fat-girl catalogs in the mail." And he's like "Um, that's Brooke and she and I were friends." Good to know.