Thursday, May 05, 2005

Crouching Tiger, Boozing Dragon

So it's looking more and more like my mom and stepdad will spend a few months next spring teaching at a university in China.

This is very exciting for me, mainly because I've recently been lamenting the fact that cynical and hardened New Yorkers don't seem to be that shocked by our drunken crew's antics as much as we would like them to be. Start yelling at them about obscene sexual acts and how much you hate hippies on the subway, and they simply roll their eyes and start playing around with their iPods. No fun.

So really, I'm seeing the Chinese people as a whole new target demographic. I mean, if a bunch of five foot tall Asians aren't terrified of a ridiculously tall colored man yelling racial slurs and running drunkenly (naked, perhaps?) through the streets of Shanghai, then I'll know for a fact that life is no longer worth living.

China 2006 baby!!!

*Apologies for the horrendous graphic that came along with this post. I blame it on the fact that I'm not a graphic designer and on Godzilla being the only image I could find with scared-looking Asian people in it.


emla said...

LOL your graphic. You're such an asshole. I love it!

Truecraig said...

That graphic = masterpiece. Brush up on that Chinese in the meantime.

Mei guo ren dou zong shi he tai duo le! Dou shi bai chi ma? Zhen de ma? Dui? Tai hao le!

Okay. Maybe that's jibberish, but no one can tell the difference when soaked in Tsing Tao and Ng Ka Pi (that shit, whatever the hell it is, is nuuuuuuuuts).


Joe said... idiot...i coulda photoshopped that shit for you today at worked real nice...i spent half the day surfing the web reading wikipedia articles on the third reich while nodding off to sweet sweet sleep...take advantage of your dormant resources...but then again it wouldn't have that je ne se quois..o i do know what..that "i don't give a fuck" attitude

Drew said...

Haha - Joe, your French spelling also has that certain "je ne sais quoi."

Vicki said...

Oh how fun. I think I might be going to China as well, something about my new British boyfriend moving there or something. I don't quite remember; absinthe tend to has that effect. It also makes me dance on bars and eat trash. Oh ha ha, I mean, NOT eat trash. I swear. Oh fuck.