Sunday, May 22, 2005

Happy Hour, Round 4 (Emla's Bday)

My mother showed up for Emily's birthday happy hour on Friday, and when I gave Emily her birthday gift from a few of us, it was my mother who managed to provide the potential offensive quote of the evening...

Emily: Look! Hoop earrings with my name in them! I've wanted these forever!!

Mother: Oh, fantastic. Now you can go get a job as a cashier at D'Agostino's.

And you people wonder how I got this way?


Can't believe I managed to forget this, but Cristin was definitely a contender (and very possibly winner) of Offensive Quote of the Night.

Zander: Fred (my stepdad) has the same birthday as Hitler!

Cristin: Oh, April 20th?

Zander: How do you know that?

Cristin: Oh, well, I had this boyfriend in high school who got suspended because... (long, convoluted story)

Everyone: Ah.

Cristin: And I hate Jews.

Mad props to Cristin for that one since she said it in front of my parents mere minutes after meeting them. Talk about first impressions.


Cristin said...

Um, hello, I knew when Hitler's birthday was. How did I not get offensive quote of the night?

Drew said...

Cristin, that is just...awesome.


I am literally sitting here wiping away tears.

Lauren said...

Z - 4 stars to your mom.