Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Why We Drink

Every now and then you endure an experience that seriously makes you stand up, turn to the person next to you, and say "Holy shit, where's the closest bar?"

We definitely had one of those on Saturday. Went to see Domini dance in a show, and of course she was great -- unfortunately this meant sitting through some god awful performances until she came on.

This included many dippy white chicks dancing melodramatically to new age music, and way too many chubby people on stage. Honestly, how do you become a 'fat dancer'? That seems like it should be an oxymoron. Did you not get the memo? You're supposed to throw up after you eat. What are you doing, just sitting there digesting? Cause let me tell you, that ain't dedication.

Finally Domini came on at the end of the first act and showed them how it was done, complete with Jess screaming "YEAH GURLL! THAS WHAT AHM TALKIN ABOUT!!" and "LOOK AT THAT SLUT WORK IT!!", horrifying all of the parents of the dippy white chicks, sitting nearby. Immediately after which, we hauled ass for the nearest bar we could find.

I'd also like to thank Jess for:

  • Busting out with the running man waaayy too early in the evening for us to be able to blame alcohol
  • Attempting to start a fight with a nontourage of B&T guidos at the table next to us at Flow
  • Demanding we head to another bar and then passing out in the taxi, in which we sent her back to Brooklyn

All in all though, a relatively quiet evening, that ended with me engaging in a deep discussion about real estate with my cab driver on the way home, which is amusing because I seriously know piss all about real estate other than where I don't want to live because then I'd have to look at poor people. Alcohol -- making me an expert on everything since 1998.

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