Friday, April 01, 2005

Dinner, Interrupted

Last night met up with Emily and Jessica who were joining me at a family dinner in midtown. The night was off to a great start, and I had some scotch for my sore throat, but after downing a few glasses of white wine I was hacking up a lung and decided it was best if I went home without dessert.

Of course, this wasn't before I decided to stop into a local drug store to grab some Nyquil. Thank god there wasn't a security guy by the door, since I was clearly drunk (or possibly retarded). Despite the fact that the door was open and there were plenty of shoppers in the place, I actually leaned my head in the doorway and shouted "ARE YOU GUYS CLOSED??" Still not sure why I did that.

After everyone looked at me like I was insane, I entered the store with about as much grace as a fat chick on stilts, and bumped into TWO product displays before finding what I was looking for and getting out of there.

My apologies.

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