Friday, April 22, 2005

Maybe It's Not The Alcohol...

It may have taken us a while, but Domini and I have realized that we're complete idiots when we're together - drunk or otherwise.

For example, the following managed to happen while we were still on our way to the bar last night:
  • Giggling like lobotomized schoolgirls the entire subway ride
  • Running out of our subway car to get the train across the platform, even though we were already on the train we needed to be on
  • Someone (me) getting their leg caught in the turnstile with another person (please, don't even ask how that happened, I have no idea)
  • Someone (me again) walking into a guy on a bicycle
  • Being mocked for acting like total jackasses by a complete stranger on the street

Actually I think booze might be what helps us focus. Just a few drinks into the evening, we were able to have deep - I might even say philosophical - discussions on female genitalia (always a favorite) and FUPAs. Thank god for half-price martinis.

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