Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Overheard In New York This Weekend

Can't really tie the weekend together, partially because I remember very little from Saturday night, so here are my favorite conversations from the past couple of days instead of anything really coherent...

Conversation #1

Zander: WHOA, we drank half the bottle of vodka in like an hour!
Jessica: What do you mean 'we'? I've been drinking rum.
Zander: Oh. Crap...

Conversation #2

Zander: Hi, can I get a chicken kebab.
[less than a minute later]
Zander: Hi again. Can I get another chicken kebab?
Vendor: Uh, sure...
Zander: Hey, can I get a hot dog.
Vendor: What about the kebab?
Zander: Yeah I want that too, I just want the hot dog while I'm waiting for the kebab.

Conversation #3

Zander: Hey look, it's the lead singer from Blink 182.
Jennie: Ooh! Can I ask him for his autograph?
Zander: NO. That's embarrassing.
Jennie: Oh come on, please, I LOVE Blink 181.
Zander: Blink 182.
Jennie: Yeah, I love them!
Zander: *sigh*

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