Thursday, April 28, 2005

Who's Playing Again?

Yesterday I managed to score 4 of my CEO's tickets to the Yankee game, so a few of us headed up to the Boogie-down Bronx after work to attend.

As expected, Emily and I didnt have the faintest idea what was going on the entire time, but found other fantastic ways to occupy ourselves, like:

  • Emily's impression of a Serbian refugee at a rave
  • Discovering that our cell phones will auto-complete the word "homosexual" (but not "homo", wtf) and immediately texting it to Andrew...sitting two seats away
  • Loudly discussing my indecision about whether I find homophobia or misogyny more amusing
  • Emily, upon seeing Hideki Matsui's signature on the big screen: "Oh look! He learned how to sign his name in English!"
  • Generally pissing off everyone in the immediate vicinity

We could try to blame all of this on our "Giant Beers", but really, we're just assholes.

My CEO may not have his season tickets anymore (which would lead to me not having a job anymore), but damn it was worth it.


amy said...

umm I think I'm gonna need to see some pictures of this..

Zander said...

I only took a few pictures, but considering some of them involve me doing dirty things to my "JUMBO SAUSAGE" (that's actually a hot dog, for anyone who might get confused), it might be just what you're looking for...

amy said...

how did you know that's what I am looking for... : )