Tuesday, April 19, 2005

God Damn, That Poor Plant

Between the fact that I'm pretty much out of ideas for this blog, and I haven't done this in a while, here's a timeline of events from Friday night and pictures to help follow along...

8:34pm -- We meet up at my place for drinks. Joe shows up dressed like a tard in the aforementioned outfit.

10:02pm -- Run into someone from high school on the subway. Just a few stops later she says she's getting off the train, but we strongly suspect she went to another car just to get the hell away from us.

10:47pm -- Join several people at BLVD, which ends up being B&T Trash Central, as expected.

11:19pm -- In a move that even I find astonishingly hypocritical, Jessica refers to my friend Kevin as "kind of an asshole".

11:20pm -- An old school hip hop song comes on, and Jessica immediately commences the running man.

11:58pm -- Because plants are apparently not as sacred as cows in her homeland, Domini manages to walk into a potted plant and knock it over. (I was only able to get a picture of the crime scene after a Mexican had run over and cleaned it up.)

11:59pm -- An embarrassed Domini stands in a completely different corner trying to distance herself from what she's done...unfortunately I am pointing and laughing hysterically, so this tactic doesn't work.

12:18am -- We arrive at Sin Sin, where we set up shop next to the April Interracial Couple of the Month (in the background).

12:41am -- Just a reminder - THIS GIRL said someone else was "kind of an asshole". Right.

1:36am -- Carole and Domini start making out. (I don't actually remember this, it's just what the pictures tell me.)

2:04am -- Because I'm apparently a borderline retard, I see something blue and drink it. It's gross.

3:11am -- As if the waitress at my local 24 hour diner didn't hate us for yelling our orders at her like we thought she was Helen Keller, Joe passes out on the counter, and another night ends.

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