Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Don't Worry, I'm Not Sobering Up Or Anything

I've received enough threatening IMs and emails that I decided it was time to post an apology for the several days of silence here on the blog.

Apart from my usual laziness and lack of inspiration, I also have to blame my ridiculously sore throat. I had just about fooled myself into thinking my new raspy voice might be sexy, when I just went to pick up my laundry and the Korean guy whose English vocabulary formerly consisted of "Pound laundry?" and "Sorry, not ready." suddenly busted out with "What happen to you voice?" Fuck.

ANYWAY, a sore throat simply means I need to drink scotch. Or should I say *more* scotch. Gotta be primed for Baby Jesus Karaoke on Friday night! And yes, you read that correctly.

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