Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sadly, We Were Sober

I was about to make a quick post about this weekend when Emily alerted me to the fact that there was a conversation on Overheard In New York that was eerily similar to something I would say.

Went to check it out, and it seemed like someone actually heard myself and Domini talking, and submitted it. Of course it's patently offensive in a way that only Domini and I could achieve.

Black guy: Good god. I had to actually work today.
Indian chick: By "work" you obviously mean taking credit
for the many hours of hard labor endured by my fellow Indian IT brethren who report to you. You exploiting bastard.
Black guy: Ha, ha. Like slavery. But I'm Black.
Indian chick: Oh, the wicked irony.
Black guy: Word.

I realize we were sober at the time, but as I recall we were definitely on our way to a happy hour, so it still warrants being posted here.

Very exciting stuff. Now if only I could be someone's Missed Connection...

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