Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How Quickly I Forget

Just a few days ago I was saying how I had learned my lesson about drinking on school nights. Which clashes somewhat with my current feeling of wanting to die.

A colleague was in town from our Adelaide office yesterday, so a few of us troopers decided to go out for a drink or two and be social. More than a few bottles of wine later, I remembered I was supposed to be at Ellen's place for Aussie Top Model and eventually made it over for the last 30 minutes of the show. Not that it helped, as I literally can't remember anything that happened on the show, other than the photos being in water and someone crying, which pretty much applies to half of the Top Model episodes from any country.

I am definitely faring better than the head of marketing, who looks like she might crawl under her desk any second now, but I'm not in a fantastic mood and definitely just referred to Australian dollars as "Monopoly money from Down Under" in an email to my entire team. I am not making any friends.

Which randomly reminds me of an awesome quote that Ellen's American boss provided not too long ago:

"Honestly, everything great in Australia is from America. You take everything American out of this country and what are you left with? 1912."

So offensive, how can you not love it?

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