Sunday, April 08, 2007

Yay Jesus!

Don't even know where to begin. It's day three of the four day Easter Weekend and I normally wouldn't blog on a Sunday, but I'm already having a hard time remembering what happened on Thursday so I'd better write some of it down now before it disappears with my damaged brain cells.


Having been at work by 8am every morning last week, I eventually had just had enough by 3pm and headed down to Cruise Bar to join some folks from HR who had been there since lunchtime for a farewell. It was a quiet night overall though, with a few more drinks at The Strand and then a few more at the Beauchamp before heading home before midnight. Not that eight hours of drinking should really be considered a quiet night, but this is all relatively speaking.


Friday started out pretty wholesome, with a nice breakfast in the 'hood with Ayesha, followed by heading over to my old apartment to do some tidying up. But then it was time for "Bad Friday" drinks at the Oxford, which were characterized mostly by really disgusting jokes and insulting each other. Just the way Jesus would have wanted.


I woke up and headed to Parramatta (think the New Jersey of Sydney) for my cousin Sarah's wedding, which was a blast and ended with us partying in Darling Harbour until after 2am. Plenty of stories etc., but I will save those for the photo album. Although my flatmate definitely must think I'm an idiot, as I rocked up to the apartment at 2.30am last night without my keys (which were still in my suit, which was back in Parramatta) and had to call and wake him up to let me in, after only one week of living there. I'm so evicted.


Well that's today, and I'm back at my family's house for a BBQ. I honestly can't believe how much I've had to drink in the last few days, and I'm expected to participate in a bit of a pub crawl this evening, so we'll see how I hold out.

I also love that the first thing I saw when I turned on the TV this morning was a bunch of cracked out beligerent bunnies raving, breakdancing, and banging each other in bathrooms.

Sorry to fly through it all, but if I actually manage to remember any highlights, you will be the first ones to know.

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