Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mixed Feelings

I was reading one of Cristin's latest posts, and saw her reference to The Most Trusted 15 brands named by trendsetters.

Part of me is pleasantly surprised to see Red Stripe lager on the list. I've always been a fan, and naturally, being half-Jamaican, I suppose there's some pride there as well.

Sadly, another part of me is horrified that I've never purchased (or even heard of) more than half of the brands on the list. Trader Joe's and In -N-Out Burger are complete mysteries to me and I've heard of Whole Foods but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't know where to find one of their stores if I tried. All I can assume is that they sell food.

Am I that out of touch with my Generation? Or does this mean that I'm part of the dreaded "Generation X".

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Sesame said...

And clearly it's been a minute since you've lived in NY....there is a HUGE whole foods in union square now...right by the movie theatre! Get your shit straight man! haha

emla said...

And a Trader Joe's right down the street. And an even HUGER Whole Foods near Bowery. I think Sesame's right, you just haven't been grocery shopping in America lately.

Ha, also my word verification is "fgpuf." What is Blogger trying to say about you?