Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm completely out of it this week, but that's no excuse to not blog. Here's the summary:
  • I have so much work to do right now it's not even funny. I've never been through anything like this. I even came to work on Monday (a public holiday) for a few hours just to get some stuff done without someone calling me to tell me nothing for 30 minutes, as people seem to love to do. Granted, I made up for this work by drinking for 6 hours or so afterwards, but I think we can agree that's only fair.
  • I was feeling much better in terms of my recovery and the madness that followed. But on Monday I realized I was bleeding a little again. Was planning to ignore it, but just before I went to bed on Monday night I noticed something odd. Turned out one of my stitches had chosen to make an appearance. I pulled it out about halfway until it got stuck, clipped off what I could, and went to bed before I had the chance to faint in disgust. Another 2.5 stitches to go, I think. Fun fun fun.
  • There is this megabitch who walks around my floor at work with the most ridiculous angry look on her face at all times. I honestly think one day she might just give me an uppercut to the jaw for no particular reason. It's scary.
  • I should be excited because I'm off to New Zealand tomorrow, however I'm actually freaking out a little because I have so much work to do. And it ALL has to be done by the end of today, because I've stupidly let myself get booked in back to back meetings from 8am - 2pm tomorrow, and I have to leave the office to go to the airport at 3pm. Methinks I shall be working late tonight.

That's all I got. I actually *almost* have my pics ready from the wedding on Saturday, but if things keep up those will have to wait until I get back next week.

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Joseph said...

I can't wait till that bitch punches you in the face. That's why I sent her out there.