Monday, April 23, 2007

Lookin' So Crazy In Love

Well Friday was nothing to write home about (or blog about, for that matter), and I spent most of Saturday playing Suzy Homemaker and buying furniture, dropping off a NYC Subway map to be framed for my bedroom (random but I like the idea), and cleaning the apartment even more than I did 2 weeks ago when I first moved in.

And Saturday night was the Beyonce concert. Maybe because I've been so busy with work and weddings and traveling and god knows what else, but I actually kept forgetting this concert was coming up and had to be reminded several times not to make other plans that night.

I met up with Sesame and Nikki at Juice's place to have a few drinks before we got on the train out to Acer Arena. Once getting there we promptly lined up for beer (which meant we missed Chris Brown, but whatever) and then met up with Chip and Mickey inside the arena for the show.

I wasn't sure which part of the show was better, as she did end up performing my favorite song from her new album, but the Destiny's Child medley was great too. And she's easily the best voice I've ever heard live, not to mention the fact that she was dancing and jumping around the stage in high heels at the same time, which shouldn't be humanly possible. However I do have a few other highlights from the evening:
  • Realizing at one point that I couldn't actually hear Beyonce singing because Mickey was next to me singing so much louder and dancing around like he thought they might be shooting him in a music video at that very moment
  • Running out for two more beers each during every single costume change or interlude
  • During some interlude where there was a reference to ghetto cars with nice rims, a confused Mickey whispering into my ear "Is this a black thing?"
  • Getting outside after the concert and turning around to see Chip on the ground doing an impression of a mermaid
  • Paying a cab driver $100 (he wouldn't even unlock the doors until we passed our money -- or more accurately, MY money -- through the window) to take all 5 of us to a house party in Camperdown

A great night overall, despite some drama at the party later on that involved a certain someone grabbing Paddy by the shirt and accidentally ripping his buttons off, shattering his wine glass, and then getting Paddy's arm all cut up from the shattered glass, before being kicked out of the party. Some people are real winners.

Anyway it's Monday afternoon and work is still insane. I was actually planning to fly down to Melbourne for about 24 hours but then decided I couldn't be bothered and I'm still here in Sydney. Thank god Wednesday is a public holiday.

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Sesame said...

Haha wait...i didn't know Mikey asked the question " Is this a black thing?" I did notice however that they were playing the latest hip hop songs and no one was's like what type of people were at this concert?!...oh wait pretty girls all dressed up in heels...freaks!