Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back To Business

Flew back into Sydney this morning. Plane landed around 7.30am, and after a stopover at my place to grab some food, shower, and change, I was at my desk by about 9.30. Needless to say I feel like crap. Let me try to give you a few highlights of the last few days though:
  • I'm sure New Zealand is a beautiful place, and I appreciated what I saw, but let's be honest, you don't see much when you spend more than half of each day in a house with a bunch of your friends getting completely wasted. All part of celebrating love and marriage, of course.
  • I love it when someone says they want to play a drinking game because they want to see someone puke all over themselves. Because you know that they are the person who will be most likely to achieve that goal. Them and their new husband, anyway.
  • For whatever reason, yesterday Paddy and I decided it would be a brilliant idea to jump off of the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere. No idea what I was thinking, but it was just a little bit awesome.
  • It is significantly easier to click on the "6am" flight on a website than it is to actually wake up at whatever stupid hour of the morning to make it to that 6am flight. And just in case you're ever wondering, business class is great and all, but it will not negate the fact that you're an idiot for flying anywhere that early in the morning. It is 5.15pm here at work, I feel awful, and I can't go anywhere because I have too much to do. Oh the pain.

I'll try and put together something more coherent for later in the week, I'm seriously a zombie right now.

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