Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Jon Jon And Other Events

Got a doozy of a job offer on Friday (more on that later) and was fortunate to have all kinds of excuses to go out and drink myself silly in order to celebrate.


Jon Jon turned the ripe old age of 25 last week, and so it was time to gather the troops and turn into a bunch of drunken assholes. There was drinking at the Dolphin Hotel and then dancing at Slide, the hot new club on Oxford Street.

I won't bother giving a full run down, but here are the pictures from that night. No captions on these, but to summarize: the boy in the brightest orange t-shirt ever is Jon Jon, there are a series of Zoolander/Fierce shots that Jon Jon insisted on having with each and every party guest, a piggy back ride from the bar to the club, there are a couple of hot lesbians to appreciate, and you can watch the birthday boy get progressively drunker as the reel continues. The fading look in the eyes was provided courtesy of most of a bottle of Belvedere, on the rocks.


Met up with friends to have more than a few farewell drinks for Janelle, Kari, and Chris, all of whom are moving to cities in China in the near future. Had a great time, but can't decide between these two as the #1 highlight:

1) Being introduced to a girl originally from New York, and then discovering that we both went to the UN School AND had two of the same teachers. As if that sort of thing hasn't happened enough already.

2) Meeting Teagan, a baby girl who couldn't even have been 2. She couldn't actually speak or repeat any of our names, but could identify and pronounce "beer" or "wine" on sight. How Australian.


Recovery, plain and simple.

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