Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Is This How Eskimos Hang Out?"

Met up with fellow socialite JuJu for drinks and dinner and more drinks last night, the highlight easily being when we stopped by Minus 5, a bar where everything is made of ice and it's ridiculously cold.

Of course I was slightly wasted by the time we got there, and insisted on annoying the staff.

Staff girl: Please be careful in there, if you break any of the ice sculptures you have to pay for them.
Zander: Really? How much are they?
Staff girl: A lot.
Zander: Yeah but like, how much exactly? I could afford it right?
Staff girl: Just don't break anything please.
Zander: Like a thousand dollars? Something like that?

Of course JuJu and I found a table in the corner and proceeded to slide empty ice glasses across the ice table and watch them break on the ice floor. Mature, I know. Even better when we went up for our second drinks and they told us we needed our original glasses to get another drink.

Eventually it was time to head to meet Jon Jon and co., who were all getting ready to ring in his birthday at midnight. Naturally, we all woke up this morning still intoxicated. Might have to sit this one out on the beach...

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Dorothy said...

Sounds like a cool bar, but i don't think i could deal with it. I hate being cold!