Monday, January 23, 2006

True Life: I'm Starting A New Job

So the day is finally here. The day I have to accept the fact that my daily schedule is no longer eat breakfast, take nap, eat lunch, go to beach, take nap, figure out where I am drinking. The day I have to start dressing up in my business casual clothes once more and pretend to earn the pretty paycheck.

How most people would prepare for their first day at a new company:
  • Study company website in detail, learn product offerings
  • Google company name for any recent news
  • Perhaps read a management book considering they're about to be a boss for the first time

How Zander prepares for his first day at a new company:
  • To calm nerves, grab JuJu and go on a shopping spree (new shoes, pants, shirt, belt)
  • Schedule haircut and dentist appointment
  • Organize drinks on Friday night
  • Spend half of Sunday watching a Miss Seventeen marathon on MTV
  • Attempt to read company website but get bored and take a nap

So yeah I may end up failing completely, but god knows I'm gonna look good doing it. Always good to be able to remind myself that I really am the living embodiment of style over substance. Not that I'm particularly stylish, but I seriously have NO substance, and I think that's what's really important here. And I'm hot.

May not post much this week, but let's hope I do at least one embarrassing thing in the next few days that will inspire anything worth reading.

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