Friday, January 13, 2006

Overheard In Sydney, Part II

Tween girl: Do you watch [Australian] Idol?
Tween girl: I love Idol.
Woman: That's nice.
Tween girl: I'm gonna name my daughter Ricki Lee!
Woman: Oh well, dear, I'm sure that's a long way off.
Tween girl: Nope, I'm due in May!

-- Bankstown Line

Toddler in stroller: [pointing at woman] NANA!
Mother: No, that's not Nana.
Toddler: [pointing at another woman] NANA!
Mother: No, that's not Nana either.
Toddler: [pointing at Asian girl] NANA!
Mother: No honey, Nana isn't Chinese.
Asian girl: I'm Korean. [Walks off train]

-- North Shore Line

Overheard by: Jon Jon


emla said...


Cristin said...

greatest EVER.

Wait, they have asian people in Sydney?

Zander said...

Oh lord, do they. According to some, Asians will actually be the majority in Australia in a few decades.

Just imagine, in 2050 America will be Mexicans and Australia will be Asians. We should all move to Djibouti just to fuck with world demographics a little bit more.