Sunday, January 22, 2006

"Take Me Downtown, Cause Baby Wants To Rock"

*Title of the post is my favourite line from the latest song by the Rogue Traders, possibly my favourite Australian rock-pop-dance group

I decided I wanted to use Friday evening to both celebrate my new job and mourn the end of my socialite lifestyle. I chose Fringe Bar down Oxford Street from my place simply because every time I'd walked by recently, I'd seen absolutely gorgeous people oozing out of there.

And we were not dissappointed.

There ended up being probably the most attractive collection of people I've seen in one place since I've been here. Of course that's in addition to your favourite devastatingly handsome blogger being in attendance.

The girls were drooling over one of the bar staff, meaning as soon as a drink was knocked over at our feet, he probably heard comments like "Yeah I've got a wet spot right here you can take care of", and other assorted classy remarks.

Otherwise I've tried to take it pretty easy this weekend so I can look just a little less clueless at the new job come Monday morning. Therefore, this is all you get.

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