Monday, January 09, 2006

Not To Bore You To Tears, But...

...didn't really manage any impressive partying over the past weekend.


I met up with Team America at their place where we ate BBQ with their parents and all breathed a sigh of relief when the parents finally walked out the door. We promptly headed out on the town and had a good time until I got tired and hungry and headed to the Indian place before I headed home at 3am, cause how else would you want to end a night besides chicken tikka wrapped in a cheese and garlic nan? (Anyone want a kiss? Anyone?)


This was probably the most painful bit, for you readers anyway. The most exciting part was renting DVDs -- we finally watched Sideways, which I would have liked better with a hotter cast, but you gotta love all the drunkenness. And The Notebook (NOT my choice, I swear) wasn't painfully girly like I expected, and definitely not the tearjerker we'd heard it was.


Another movie night, but a little more exciting. A bunch of us headed to a park where you watch movies on a huge screen that hangs over the harbour, and you have the bridge and the opera house in the background. More importantly, there's a full bar and you can take entire bottles of wine back to your seats. The movie was Me You And Everyone We Know, which was funny and cute, but not nearly as deep as it seemed to think it was. I'm sure it was generally appreciated by people who aren't nearly as deep as they like to think they are, since that tends to be the target audience in this case. Still, good times.

I'm shocked if anyone is still reading at this point.


Vicki said...

You're hilarious!


Joe said...

you bitch! i loved 'Me, You and Everyone ...' like McAdams loves Gosling`; what does that say about me?...

PS. that little black kid reminded me of you.

Cristin said...

If you watch the deleted scenes with commentary on The notebook, they point our where you can kind of see ryan gosling's dong. You should ask joe, the screen shot is his computer wallpaper at work.

Joe said...

Haha Cristin, I'm not taking that down no matter what HR says. Gosling! Gosling! Gosling!

PS. Alex, you know the little black kid that says "you poop in my butthole, and I poop in your butthole..back and forth...forever"

yea, that was you like 20 years ago.

))<>(( forever!

Zander said...

OMG that kid was adorable, I totally wanted to adopt him.