Monday, March 13, 2006

Snoop Doggy Rabbit

So, the rest of the weekend. Saturday was a good one. Spent the morning cleaning my place like a madman before The Flattie returned from 10 days in Singapore, because I can't stand the idea of being known as a messy person to live with.

Then it was time to head to meet my family. It was fun and there was plenty of booze, as usual. And this conversation left me thanking the lord there isn't an Overheard In Sydney site:

Zander: I really want to go see Snoop Dogg.
Aunt Mel: What's that? A movie?
Zander: Ha, no, it's a rapper.
Aunt Mel: A rabbit?
Zander:'s a rabbit.

And Sunday was one of those days that makes you love the weekend, and might be the most relaxing day in recent memory. Met up with friends to hang out on Bondi Beach for a few hours because the weather was absolutely flawless. Once I was in danger of crossing from tanned to singed, we headed up to a posh Italian restaurant with views of the beach and had a nice late lunch with wine until we all realized we were tired and dirty, and it was time to head home for crappy television. So maybe it doesn't sound that exciting all in all, but it was definitely just what I needed after last weekend's Mardi Gras fiasco. Speaking of which, pictures will be ready verrry shortly.

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