Saturday, March 11, 2006

Now That's What I Call Friday

I love Fridays in this country. Not that they're so bad in most countries, but they do it pretty well here.

Started out like any other -- basically hoping no real work turns up, and chatting with coworkers. The perfect touch though was when JuJu (who was recently in danger of taking a job, but chose to maintain her socialite lifestyle, thank god) came to meet me for lunch. We walked down the road, found a wonderful little Italian place with an outdoor terrace, and proceeded to order a bottle of wine to go with our 3-course meal.

Two and a half hours later I strolled back into the office with a nice buzz, AND only 30 minutes to go before beer o'clock, which actually starts at 4pm on Fridays, and not 5 as I'd previously believed. It just gets better!

Of course drinking from 1pm isn't ideal for even my booze-saturated organs, and I was pretty much a mess by 8pm, which explains why I'm up-and-at-'em (is that how you type that??) before 9am on a Saturday morning.

AND I'm off to spend some time with the family today...expect major liver failure by 6pm.

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