Friday, March 17, 2006

Random Question Of The Month

Actually before I get to my question, I should apologize for basically not doing ANYTHING interesting all week. With St. Patty's today and my cousin's birthday tomorrow, I should have ample opportunity to make up for it.

But now, moving onto what's really important -- does anyone remember that weird ass cartoon character with funny hair who LOVED paprika? I've mentioned this a couple of times and people look at me like I just smoked a whole lotta crack, but I'm dead serious. I know this cartoon character exists. Paprika. Help.


Jonathan said...

Yah, that's some serious crack smoking there. Is this the Friday beer o'clock talking? You need to give more info - american cartoon? time period? weekday afterschool or Saturday morning? Hanna Barbara, Warner Bros., Fritz Freeling, or other? Throw us a freakin bone, here!

emla said...

Are you sure it's not something from GI Joe?

Joe said...

yo negrodamus,

I helped you out...let's see if these geeks can figure it out:

Joe said...

"Sounds like the animated show based
on Martin Short's character
Ed Grimley

The Completely Mental
Misadventures of Ed Grimley

Zander said...

YES, that is it!! I knew I wasn't crazy. Now I can rest easy.