Thursday, March 09, 2006

Racism Or Irony? Either Way, I'm Laughing!

Before I begin my post proper, I should apologize for both a lack of real posts for most of this week, and also the delay in getting out my Mardi Gras photos. I've gone and done something stupid -- I got a job where I actually have to do work. Even scarier? I don't particularly mind having to do work. But more on all that later...

This post is really just to share with everyone a couple of great examples of things you would never find in the U.S., partially because of the language difference, and partially because we're so damn PC back home.

For example, my favorite cheddar cheese slices:

That's right, "Australia's Tastiest Cheese" is Tasty Coon. If only you could have seen the double-take I did the first time I saw this in the supermarket.

And then we have the most random billboard ever, this one for Cargo Bar/Lounge, one of my favorite nightspots:

Let's be honest here folks -- this would NEVER be put up in the U.S. Because if it was, either some uptight civil rights group would cry racism and sue to have it taken down, or it would be considered a public health hazard for old white seniors who got confused and actually thought there was a group of black people strolling through their fancy neighborhood. Meanwhile in Australia, the general reaction seems to be "Oh...never noticed." How can you not notice something so brilliant???

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