Wednesday, December 28, 2005

True Photographer: Back In Business

That's right, after the personal and public tragedy that was losing my glorious camera in Tahiti, a special someone has given me an even more amazing camera! Which of course means I can take tres classy pictures, like what appears to be my own impersonation of white trash on Christmas Day in Australia:

I'll try and post some more Xmas pictures this week, although considering the weather is just a little bit perfect for the beach, I'm not sure when I'll have the time!


Cristin said...

My god, you look like such a dirty bitch there! I honestly love it. Emla and I were just talking yesterday about how we missed you, and now that picture has gone and made it even worse. Le sigh.

I get my holiday party pictures back today... prepare for ultimate jealousy.

emla said...

And we were talking over lunch at Mee, mind you.

Mee's calling your name...!