Thursday, December 15, 2005

Can We Move On?

Wednesday night meant farewell drinks for my flatmate Irene, who's out of the country for a month. Of course once everyone had told her how much she'd be missed, the conversation devolved into everyone recapping what an ass I was at my birthday party on Saturday night. Just a couple of tidbits that I had no recollection of:
  • Having the same conversations with each person about 4 times
  • Suddenly holding my breath (I probably had the hiccups) but not telling anyone why, leading everyone to think I was about to projectile vomit all over them...kudos to Kate for actually taking cover behind Cathy
  • When Kate accidentally took a picture of my feet, starting to laugh hysterically and yelling "THANKS! Just what I fucking needed! More pictures of my fucking FEET!", and then laughing at how hilarious I thought I was for a good five minutes

Apparently when others were leaving the club after I'd gone, there was an ambulance outside and everyone figured I was probably in it, but turns out some girl had to be taken to the hospital. Strange how it's the little things like this that give me comfort in times of shame.

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