Saturday, December 03, 2005

Harry Potter and the Sauvignon Blanc

Met up with a few fellow Americans last night to go see the latest Harry Potter movie, since Australians, as cool as they are, apparently all think they are too good for "kid movies". Whatever.

We also decided to get the first class tickets, which included fancy seats, unlimited popcorn and soda, and access to the lounge and bar, all for only double the already extortionate price one pays to see a movie these days.

Having already had a few beers that night, I opted out of more alcohol and stuck to the popcorn and Coke. Last thing I need is to be that creepy drunk guy making comments about certain actors being "pretty hot for a teenager", etc.

Danny on the other hand thought otherwise, and bought a bottle of wine to help him through the film, which included calling one of the actresses a slut every time she appeared on screen. Well done, my friend. New York represent.

So yeah, that's my exciting Friday night for you. I'd go on, but in less than an hour large numbers of people will be descending on our apartment to begin drinking at noon before the Jamiroquai concert and I want to make sure I'm half in the bag before they get here. Hope everyone is having a similar weekend.

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Vicki said...

If by "having a similar weekend" you mean "wanting Harry Potter characters, namely Professor Snape, to smack your ass" then yes, we are having a similar weekend. I mean, wait, I'm out drinking with my friends.