Thursday, September 15, 2005

Won't You Be My Neighbour

*Apologies to those who recieved my mass email update, since this will rehash part of it. Not like any of us thought I was that original in the first place though.

So the other day I moved into a family friend's studio apartment in Kings Cross, which is like Sydney's version of Times Square. Figured it was time to get out of Kate and Cathy's place, since they've been nice enough to put me up for 10 days, and also have always been curious if I'm the type of person that could really live on his own. Oh yeah, and it's free, if only for the few weeks I'll be staying there.

Of course the best part is that I get to live in a whole new neighbourhood, on a street described by people I've met here as "the trashiest drag in Sydney". Oh how appropriate, I say. Best 5 things about my new neighbourhood:

5) On the same street as a few of the clubs I've been hanging out at since I got here. You know those really swanky types of bars where they only let in celebrities and ridiculously rich people? Yeah, I hang out across the street.

4) At least three establishments within a 5 minute radius called "Adult World"

3) The local supermarket is open late, until midnight, because hookers and crackheads have to do their grocery shopping too, damnit

2) The Asians around the corner who dry clean my shirts and wash my laundry - it's just like back home in Brooklyn!

1) And the best things about it is my most visible neighbour, the homeless guy under the foot bridge. Not only does he have a pretty sweet setup, but I think he'd be the perfect friend, since if you think about it, neither of us really do anything all day, so we have plenty in common. He was also wearing leather pants this morning, which is just another sign of his awesomeness. A lesser bum would have sold them, but he just KNEW he had to have them for himself.

And that's about it, although I've only been there for 2 days or so, god knows this list will keep growing.

I'll stop typing now, and you can ponder on a scale of one to ten how irritating it is that I've been out of the USA for less than a month, and I already use the British spelling of "neighbor".


Dorothy said...

your so damn funny!!!

Zander said...

Aww, thanks. Just consider me a Friend of Dorothy then. HA. Sorry...

emla said...

I was just about to call you out on that, snob. It's like you're reading my mind from half a world away!