Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Favourite Australian

Possibly the best story I've heard lately is the tale of Ashley McDonald, an Australian tourist who was missing in New Orleans for two weeks. Turned out just before Hurricane Katrina hit, he got into a fight at a bar because they refused to serve his drunk ass, and got thrown in jail.

As if that isn't typically Australian enough, he calls into a radio show here in Sydney the other day and they asked him "Wow...you get kicked out of a pub for fighting, thrown in jail, the hurricane hits, you get robbed and have to survive the riots...wasn't that all pretty traumatizing?"

His response? "Yes well I must say, getting thrown out of the pub was rather awful."

Sir, consider yourself my Australian Idol.

Of course I have to give an honorable mention to Kenny, a guy I've hung out with a couple of times here in Sydney, who was recently at a business dinner and managed to drink enough to throw up ON THE TABLE.

It's good to have role models, you know.


emla said...

I also heard a report that some Australian bought a coat and when he wore it, it worked up 30,000 volts of static electricity and left burn marks on his body.

Australia sounds pretty cool.

emla said...

Here's a link to prove I'm not making this up:


amy said...

that's weird...that's like spontaneous combustion weird!