Thursday, September 01, 2005

Some Culture For You

As most of you know, I (and Emily) have a deep fascination with stupendously crappy dance music, preferably when the singers clearly don't speak English.

In the absence of much foreign dance music here in the UK, and since I'm a very visual (aka superficial) person, I thought I'd take a few minutes here in Heathrow to share some craptastic finds over the past week:

Artist: Xavier
Song: Give Me The Night

I have to say I genuinely like this song (although please note this is NO indication of actual song quality), but the reason I love it is because I vaguely remember a video featuring scantily clad hot chicks in stilettos dancing around with flashlights. Need I say more?

Artist: Axwell
Song: Feel The Vibe

Almost a run-of-the-mill dance song, fortunately the video had two Indian youngsters breakdancing down the street for four minutes. I am totally gonna do that as soon as I get off the plane in Sydney.

Artist: Jupiter Ace
Song: 1000 Years

Easily the cheesiest one, and probably shouldn't have been produced after 1996 or so. Still, this video clip had a clearly unattractive lead singer that they had miserably failed in sexing up, PLUS breakdancing astronauts. Obviously a classic for the ages.

Feel free to download those illegally. Also, random note -- when did Charlotte Church turn into a total ho bag? Could have sworn just last year she was a little girl singing opera, but yesterday she gave my uncle's TV syphillis.

Okay, time for the longest plane ride EVER. Hopefully they'll have music videos for me to watch.


emla said...

You just made my week. I am already furiously searching for the videos. God, I just know they're going to be amazing. Unce, unce, unce! (It's hard to replicate the sound of our theme song.)

Also, when Charlotte Church got tremendous ta-tas, it was all downhill to ho-dom.

Zander said...

Yes, you must find the videos. They are like 3 minutes of heaven, directed by retarded pervert children who somehow managed to get into the music business. Brilliant.

And this is random, but inspired by this free internet station here in Hong Kong -- how come Asians are so cheap in general, but all their airports have free internet? Something for you folks to ponder. I have another 9 hour flight to jump on.