Friday, September 23, 2005

My Drinking Dilemma

Well another week is coming to a close, and I've been drunk every single night, blah blah blah. At this point it's not really blog-worthy unless I get arrested or deported or at least start a brawl in a pub. Or maybe, like the girl I saw last night, I can imitate an 80's hair band video and roll around on the hood of a taxi until the entire city is honking at me. How she got that drunk by 6.30pm is anyone's guess.

But I digress.

Actually my original intent was really just a random comment on the state of my drinking here. As anyone from New York knows, I'm a vodka tonic man, with the occasional glass of scotch thrown in. HOWEVER, bars here follow that silly rule they also have in the UK about limits on hard liquor in a drink, which means I have to ask for a double to get anything decent.

All of which leaves me drinking beer. Constantly. And that is dangerous for two reasons:

1) I'm going to get fat. Especially if I start remembering to eat dinner again.

2) Beer is the kind of thing that one feels very comfortable drinking in the middle of the day. Which didn't seem to be a problem until the other day when I was sitting at a friend's place checking email, and got up to get a beer, and then had to stop myself because I realized it was, um, 10am.

Anyway, I doubt my story here about having to drink tons of beer between napping and lying on the beach is going to elicit much sympathy, but felt obligated to share. If anyone has any suggestions though, other than smuggling my own liquor into the bars, since I certainly did that last weekend (don't worry guys, that flask you gave me will definitely go to use here), I'm all ears.


Vicki said...

I've pretty much come to terms with my beer gut. If the Frenchies knew how to make a good cocktail, and would subsequently charge less than a month's rent for it, then I would totally drink one. But alas, I must drink beer. Life is rough, man.

Dorothy said...

Wow! I gotta say the girl on the taxi at 630pm i have seen my friend sheena do that before. It's a scary thing when she gets plastered!!!
Also the bars here in the U.S. you never know what your gonna get. Some give great drinks and your buzzing after the first two. Others it's a complete waste u even bought them. I get it!

Sheena said...

Hey that girl Dorothy is talkin about is me, lol! I am a crazy drunk, I can be hammered in about an hour because I tend to take a lot of shots and just not stop till I am on the floor! I am a tequila girl though, I like Vodka too but has to be a screwdriver or sex on the beach though.