Monday, September 19, 2005

The Half-Assed Weekend Recap

You know what people, I honestly don't have the energy or memory for these weekend recaps anymore. So here's all you're getting:

Just did dinner and drinks on Thursday, which was a bit lame, but more than made up for it on Friday when Irene and I hit the town, which included about 5 bars and harassing strangers until they invited us to their party the next night (which we naturally didn't bother to attend). Woke up with a massive hangover on Saturday, just in time to head to drunken lawn bowls around noon, where I didn't pass a moment without a beer in my hand. I would also like to thank some of the guys in attendance for making it clear that jokes about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans are already acceptable. Headed off to Audrey's birthday party where I downed about 5 glasses of scotch, and then went to Clay's house for champagne before a trip to a club where members of the party ended up dancing on tables and the like. In case you were keeping track, this adds up to approximately 16 straight hours of drinking. Which was why Sunday, after I'd returned from lunch, I passed out around 5pm and didn't rise again for FOURTEEN hours. Which prepared me well to start boozing again on Monday afternoon.

I've also noticed a trend since I arrived here, where I keep getting drunk so early in the day that I forget to eat dinner, unless peanuts at the bar count, and I'm pretty damn sure they don't.

Sorry it's a bit concise, but you try drinking for 4 days straight and tell me how much you feel like writing about it on Monday. And I'm already working on making it up to everyone, I took plenty of pictures during Saturday's boozefest, and should have some kind of a first month recap for you in a few weeks. Try not to let the excitement interfere with your daily life.

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Vicki said...

I'm not sure if peanuts count but pistachios do because they're green and green means healthy. I think.