Wednesday, February 23, 2005

And Don't Come Back

Spent President's Day Weekend skiing up in Vermont, where the only thing whiter than the snow is the people. Until we arrived.

In what might have seemed like a blatant attempt to damage race relations for several generations, we were absolutely belligerent the entire time, even when sober. Here's why dark people like us should really stay out of New England:
  • Because we discuss anal sex at charming little diners with toddlers sitting less than 2 feet away
  • We ridicule Red Lobster for hours on end, knowing that it's probably the nicest place these people ever eat (and only on special occasions)
  • Blasting hip hop (or perhaps the occasional European dance track) from our SUV while we're stopped at gas stations is NOT the way to appeal to white country folk
  • Because we cram SEVEN people into a suite reserved for FOUR, and bring enough alcohol to satisfy your average Catholic family
  • Tumbling down the side of a mountain apparently does not qualify as 'skiing', judging from the looks on everyone else's faces (we would have been sooo much better if we weren't hungover)
  • The pot smoke billowing from under the door of our room is probably not what the people at the "Castle Resort and Spa" expected when paying $275 per night to stay there

Fortunately for the average ski enthusiast, Domini and I are not exactly the next Vijay Singh and Tiger Woods of the ski world, so their sport is safe. For now.

(Apologies for the current lack of pictures, but Domini stole my camera and may have pawned it to support her smack addiction, hopefully we'll have those in a few days)

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